Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I love flirting with danger. I hate doing things that are safe, that are mundane, that are routine. I want to go the top of the mountains and scream my lungs out. All my frustration, everything pent up just out there into the deep valleys.

Whenever I'm out there, nature is just a ploy to make me feel nice. I come back with a sore throat and a happy heart. Everything serene, unlike the things in my life. Everything so calm unlike the ripples of craziness in my life. Everything so stunning unlike the ugliness of my heart.

I escape to there, without a worry of my past. Of what I was. What matters is what I am. What I feel. Nothing more, nothing less. The burdens on my heart mean nothing. I just feel so nice. So me. So less me.

There is no better place to escape than in the lap of Nature. Mother Nature.

This is my first attempt at a prompt. This is attempted at 3WW. Though I have used the 3 words, the emotions are so true! :)




gautami tripathy said...

Mother nature gives us so much more. Liked your thoughts here.

Welcome to 3WW!

The shadows form a shade around me

anthonynorth said...

A heartfelt post with a hint of mystery. Liked it. Welcome to 3ww. It's good fun.

sudharm baxi said...

So very true..

Loved "The burdens on my heart mean nothing. I just feel so nice. So me. So less me."

ThomG said...

First, welcome to 3WW. And second, this sounds like my annual backpacking trips. I need nature like a drug, so this really spoke to me.

NE~ISM said...

AHHHHHHH! Nature has it's own way of making you fall in love all over again! it makes you wanna stand on the mountain and just scream out in happiness..

I loved this post!!

Lucy said...

welcome to 3 ww
I bet you too, will love this each week!

this was very good it made me think that maybe he is a wolfman in real life?? Or Someone as dark and nature tames the beast within! great job

Tumblewords: said...

Well done - I love the emotion captured so easily and the freedom with which the words flow!

quin browne said...

welcome to 3ww.... i look forward to your work in the weeks to come.

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

We all need to escape now and then or the insanity will consume us.

Welcome to 3WW!

Witchmojo said...

I really identified with the first paragraph. Very evocative of times in my life. Excellent work.

Pretty Me!! said...

really cool !! hope to read you lot more :) thanks for visiting my poetry :) n u got a real nice blog name !! i meant "purple bangles" is just so nice !!

maglomaniac said...

FAbolous 1st attempt.
would like to see you more.
Wonderful picture blended beautifully wid ur emotions


Angel said...

You did very well with the prompt. I love going out and about in nature myself. Hiking is one of my favorite past-times.