Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Here I'm and this is me!

Life isn't very easy, is it? It gets to you at times. And the people closest to you are the ones you can't tell everything to. You want to. But still there is always that fear of what they will think of you. The fact that people will judge me is my biggest fear. I have let myself go loose once and the after-effects of that were terrible. I ,as a matter of principle, have vowed never lose restrain and control. Never be dependent on anyone else. No drunk nights. Even if people think I'm prude.

Actually, I'm tired of being the bad girl. I wouldn't mind it if it were truly me. But it isnt. It was what I was a couple of months back. Now, I miss the sweet little me. Talk of casual sex and drinking escapades make me sick. It makes me want to disappear. Vanish into thin air. I want to go back to being Daddy's little girl.

Why am I ranting all this? Because, I can't be myself in my real life. Till the inner me and the outer me don't come together and become one coherent piece, I will talk about ME and my life, HERE. Ready for a rollercoaster ride?

Oh Btw, I'm Purple! Yeah, that is my favourite colour! Nice to meet you :)


NE~ISM said...

You started your blog with a wonderful post. I have learned a lot about you but most of all I see that you are A Daddies Girl, Just like me!

I love that.Would like to come back and see some more of your writings!


Purple Bangles said...

Thanks a lot for my first comment. Yes, I'm on my way to check your blog! :)